Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Vacation

Very hactic days for me but kids are having so much fun... K and R both enjoying their swimming classes a lot.. K is a very fast lerner.. he learns to swim in two weeks .. now he is in the advance level in swimming.. R is little bit sad as he is not in swim team this year.. but still enjyoing his swimming. K and R both are having so much fun in library, crafts and playing together and for me .... I got new job as their driver :) and enjoying my life with them. Still its a struggle to get time for the blog. I intoduce abacus to K and he is excited about it. I am planning to do some worksheet with him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

making a splash in reading...

so busy in life with lots of other things so couldn't get time to write in this blog... summer is here.. R has summer vacation so we've planned so many things for it. Main thing is R's favourite activity is visit library almost every day!! He is my book lover boy.. he can do anything for reading and now K is following his footsteps!! K loves to read... he is making up hard spellings by himself... at age 3 1/2 he started reading level 1 books and I was so surprised when he started reading level 1 chapter books. K is so much into reading these days as he is reading 10-15 books at a time...
other things we have planned for summer is lots of field trips, swimming, painting and introduce abacus to K and start abacus with R. I will keep you posted once we'll make some progress in that.