Saturday, November 15, 2008


we had little bit scary accident yesterday. I was cleaning up my kitchen cupboard and I don't know from where K got small dry pea in his hand and he was playing with it as a small ball. I was busy with my work and I had some weird feeling about that small ball so I asked him lets play small ball and he said .. small ball nosie.. I was scared but wanted to confirm it so asked him again and again and every time I got the same answer that ...K put small ball in nossie..I rush to the doctors office and luckily they took me in immediately and doctor took it out in 10 min. But the ball got doulbled in size because of liquid in nose. I will never forget this thing in my life....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clouds and Rain

LO drew picture on chalk board this morning and called me mamma look couwd and rain (cloud) and I think its very pretty cloud drawing for two year old :)


I've got very good deal for this dress up bear puzzle from mellisa and doug from Ross. It was for $1.99. LO is having lots fun with this puzzle. Every morning he picks up this puzzle first. He enjoys opening and closing the puzzle lid "all by himself ". I love the bear faces it teaches the expression of the face. He gets confuse with sick and sad faces but rest of them he can point out clearly.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

we had so much fun with brown bear story on felt board yesterday. LO got the story pieces and asked me questions as he was putting the pieces on the board. :) Only thing he was saying doggi white instead of white dog and fog dreen ( green frog ) it was fun watching him. I download template of brown bear story from and print out in black and white and color with marker and cover it with contact paper. on the back I use velcro but I think sand paper works better than velcro. sorry for the glary picture I tried to do my best but I guess because of contact paper I am getting this glary